The Design Studio

Sögumaður is a multidisciplinary design studio that focuses on storytelling through the study, creation and curation of objects and spaces with narrative attachments.

Specialist Areas

  • Concept Design & Development
  • Creative Writing & Narrative Development
  • Exhibition Curatorship & Design
  • Furniture Design & Development
  • Illustration & Technical Drawing
  • Installation & Sculpture Design
  • Material Development & Experimentation
  • Product Design, Development, Manufacture & Realisation
  • Spacial Design & Interior Planning
  • Three Dimensional Rendering & Printing
  • Visual Merchandising & Identification Development

The Creative Director

Joshua Roughley is the creative director of Sögumaður. Josh graduated from Bath Spa University in 2017 where he studied Three Dimensional Design. During his time at university, Josh dedicated his studies to focus on the development of a professional practice that specialises in the creation, curation and study of objects and spaces that tell stories through a conceptual narrative attachment.