The Sögumaður Diary

Dear Reader,

My name is Joshua Roughley and I am the creative director for Sögumaður. Sögumaður is a  new multidisciplinary design studio that was officially set up in 2016 that focuses on storytelling through the study, creation and curation of objects and spaces with narrative attachments.

As the creative director of Sögumaður, I believe it is important to share with you what the studio is up to and what exciting projects it is working on. To do this, I have set up the Sögumaður Diary. The diary will feature posts about the design studio, its projects and the processes it uses to realise them through which will be accessible to the public.

After three exciting years studying Three Dimensional Design at Bath Spa University, I have explored a variety of different creative fields working independently but also on large team based projects. These projects that have built up my extensive portfolio will be featured in the Sögumaður portfolio page of the website. I aim to have all of the portfolio projects featured on the site by the end of June 2017.

Now a university graduate, I am currently looking for permanent employment whilst also focusing on continuing to develop my own professional practice with Sögumaður. It is safe to say that the future is going to be very exciting and there are sure to be some wonderful stories that will be documented in this diary as time progresses.

This week, I will be documenting my past projects whilst also unveiling some mini projects I am about to start working on. Make sure you come back soon to see more of Sögumaður’s stories.

Thank you for reading,

Joshua Roughley
Creative Director, Sögumaður